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The Co-founder of SoFeng Design was Invited to Create on-site at Design Shanghai 2023

Lu Jiayi, the Co- funder of SoFeng Design was Invited by the Italian high-end cabinet brand Scavolini , to design a series of cabinets for the brand to be exhibited in Shanghai in 2023, and to create on-site pastel paintings.

SoFeng Design丨如視设计联合创始人陆佳伊受意大利高端橱柜品牌Scavolini(斯卡沃里尼)的邀请,为品牌于2023年设计上海现场展出的系列橱柜进行色粉画的现场创作。


On June 8, 2023, when the 2023 Design Shanghai Exhibition opened, Ms. Lu Jiayi, the co-founder of SoFeng Design, was invited by the Italian high-end cabinet brand Scavolini to design the on-site exhibition in Shanghai for the brand in 2023. A series of cabinets for on-site creation of pastel paintings.

2023年6月8日,时值2023设计上海展会开幕,SoFeng Design联合创始人陆佳伊女士,受意大利高端橱柜品牌Scavolini(斯卡沃里尼)的邀请,为品牌于2023年设计上海现场展出的系列橱柜进行色粉画的现场创作。


This on-site creation uses the series of cabinets "Diesel Get Together" jointly launched by Scavolini and Italian fashion brand Diesel as the medium, and uses the form of pastel painting to carry out two on-site graffiti. The two groups of works respectively use the themes of "For Successful Living" and "The Italian sense of beauty" to convey the modern Italian lifestyle and display the living space with personalized language.

本次现场创作以Scavolini和意大利时尚品牌Diesel联名合作推出的系列橱柜“Diesel Get Together“为媒介,使用色粉画的形式进行两场现场涂鸦。两组作品分别以“For Successful Living”和“The Italian sense of beauty”为主题来传达摩登意式生活方式,以及展示具有个性化语言的居住空间。


Mr. Pietro Barucca, Manager of Scavolini Asia Pacific, explained the product and cross-border creative concept to the media and guests

Scavolini 亚太区经理Pietro Barucca先生向媒体及来宾讲解产品和跨界创作理念


For successful living theme graffiti completed picture

For successful living主题涂鸦完成图

The Italian sense of beauty theme graffiti completed picture

The Italian sense of beauty主题涂鸦完成图


Mr. Danilo Rossi, Director of Overseas Export of Scavolini (first from left), Ms. Li Jia, Marketing Manager of Scavolini China (second from left), Ms. Lu Jiayi, co-founder of SoFeng Design (second from right), and Mr. Pietro Barucca, Manager of Scavolini Asia Pacific (first from right) in the work Before group photo

Scavolini海外出口总监Danilo Rossi先生(左一)、Scavolini中国区市场经理李佳女士(左二)、SoFeng Design联合创始人陆佳伊女士(右二)及Scavolini亚太区经理Pietro Barucca先生(右一)在作品前合影





Svavolini was founded in Pesaro in 1961 by two brothers, Valter Scavolini and Elvino Scavolini, and in just a few years it has grown from a small company making handmade kitchen furniture to one of the largest industrial companies in Italy. The industrial plant is located in the municipality of Monterabate (Pesaro-Urbino province) and covers an area of 204,000 square meters - of which 90,000 square meters are built - where more than 700 employees work. The company is now a benchmark in the industry all over the world, synonymous with "Made in Italy" quality. Since the market has long demanded specially tailored solutions for bathroom environments, since 2012 the offer has also included bathroom furniture collections to meet specific market requirements. Over the years, Scavolini's offering has been expanded even further and has even launched a large number of living room solutions, including various combined and free-standing living room furniture, even up to the walk-in wardrobe, to provide the "total look of the home".



关于设计上海|About Design Shanghai


Design Shanghai, as the world's top high-end exhibition, provides a communication and transaction platform for major brands and designers around the world every year, helping brands and influential architects, interior designers, real estate developers, procurement managers and private buyers in Asia To establish a long-term business relationship, the aim is to explore the integration of eastern and western design concepts through seven sections: contemporary design, classic design, kitchen and bathroom design, office design, new materials & applications, accessories design, and design stars.



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