The Meaninghall is a local brand which is focus on selling agricultural products in high quality. It’s based in a small town of Suzhou which is called Luxiang. With a centuries-old history, and great natural environment, it has a famous green tea which is in the top list of Chinese tea- Biluochun. It’s also rich of typical fruits which belong to South of Yangzi river. 
The town is far away from city and in the side of the east of Tai lake, the biological products need a way for promotion. So we hope use graphics and the special art papers to create a brand with emotion of traditional cultures. It will deliver a lifestyle to someone of naturalism and who are high quality life hunters.
As a mackating goals, we use graphic design mix with west style and traditional chinese icons, to protect local culture and also catches eyes of young customers.


Brand&Visual Identity




Suzhou, China


Jun. 2019


Creartive Director

Art Director 


Sha Feng

Jiayi Lu

Sha Feng


2019 10th Worldwide Logo Design Award Competition / Gold Award

2020 Design Annual,Graphis Inc.| USA | / Silver award


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