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The 10th Worldwide Logo Design Award 2019丨Gold Award

SoFeng Design won the 10th Worldwide Logo Design Award丨Gold Award

SoFeng Design丨如視设计荣获2019第10届WOLDA世界标志设计大赛丨金奖


WOLDA – Worldwide Logo Design Award is a worldwide competition for logos. The competition took place for the first time in 2006.

WOLDA世界标志设计大赛是全球性的品牌标志设计比赛,始办于2006年。评奖共包含三类:标志(Logos)、标志重塑(Logo Redesign)、品牌形象(Identity),该大赛创办于2006年。


The brand that won the gold award is a local agricultural and sideline product brand in Suzhou.




服务 Service / 品牌设计 Brand&Visual Identity

客户 Client / 含庭 MEANINGHALL

地点 Location / 苏州 Suzhou, China

日期 Time / 2019年6月 Jun. 2019


关于大赛丨About Competition

Worldwide Logo Design Award



The Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA) started in Italy in 2006. It is a global competition with high standard, great influence and certain authority. The competition is now in its 11th year and is held annually.

世界标志设计大赛(Worldwide Logo Design Award, WOLDA)始于2006年意大利,是一项全球性的赛事,规格高、影响力大,具有一定的权威性。该比赛每年举办一届,今年已是第11届了。


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