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SoFeng Design丨如視设计海报设计荣获2021韩国IOAF国际海洋艺术节 / 特别奖

SoFeng Design won the Special Award of the IOAF International Pioneer Design Exhibition 2021


2021韩国IOAF国际海洋艺术节,来自33个国家和地区的超过401位艺术家、设计师和高校师生提交了他们的作品。 最终评选出290件作品。

IOAF International Pioneer Design Exhibition 2021, more than 401 artists, designers and college teachers and students from 33 countries and regions have submitted their works. Finally, 290 works were selected.


- Award Project -

- 获奖作品 -


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关于大赛丨About Competition


IOAF International Pioneer Design Exhibition


由亚洲ACS主办的首届韩国IOAF国际海洋艺术节是一场以亚洲为中心,辐射世界各地的师生、艺术家和艺术爱好者的盛大艺术文化盛会。 作为具有国际知名度和影响力的海洋文化艺术品牌项目,IOAF旨在唤起人类的海洋保护意识,促进全球文化艺术的交流与融合,加强海洋相关产业的国际交流与合作。

The First IOAF sponsored by Asian ACS is a grand art and culture occasion with Asia as the center and radiating towards teachers, students, artists and art enthusiasts from different places in the world. As an ocean cultural and art brand project with international fame and influence, the IOAF aims at arousing humans’ awareness of ocean protection, promoting communication and integration of the global cultures and arts, and strengthening international exchange and cooperation of ocean-related industries.


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