SoFeng Design won the 2019 German Design Award 4 awards

Feb 08, 2019, 2019 German Design Award presentation ceremony was held in Frankfurt, Germany.

SoFeng Design four works won 2019 German Design Award: Winner Awardx3 and Special Awardx1.

The winning works will be exhibited at the MuseumAngewandte Kunst Design Space in Germany from 08/02/2019 to 24/02/2019.

In May 2018, SoFeng Design was nominated by the German national Design award, and its Design works were reviewed by a jury of 45 international experts. Four works of the studio: 2017 China/Italy/Ecuador Poster Design Biennale; Fengli Hengsha ; Blend-2015 International Typography Design Awards; Ingenuity follows nature were awarded the 2019 German Design Award.

About the German Design Award


The German Design Award is established by the Bundestag (lower house of the German parliament) and awarded by the federal ministry of economy and technology. Commissioned by the German design association in Frankfurt, it is the highest official design award in Germany. It aims to support the development of global design industry and encourage design to increase brand value. Up to now, the German design association, which undertakes and implements the national design award, has developed into one of the world's leading communication and brand management centers in the design industry. Its members include designers, design associations, many well-known enterprises and brand directors.

The German Design Award is also known as the "winning award" in the industry, which is the highest ranking design award in Germany. Entries must be works that have already won international awards. The entries for German Design Award cannot be registered by individuals or enterprises themselves, but must be nominated by the federal ministry of economy of Germany or the ministry of economy of each state and the relevant parliamentarians of each state on economic and cultural affairs. The nomination conditions are strict, the first condition is that the work itself must have won the international famous design award, and then with the nomination of the relevant minister of the German federal government, can participate in the final competition of this award. Therefore, "The German Design Award" is recognized as one of the most valuable international design awards in the industry.

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