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Communication Arts Design Annual 2022丨Excellent Award

SoFeng Design won the Excellent Award of the Communication Arts Design Annual 2022

SoFeng Design丨如視设计海报作品荣获2022第63届美国传达艺术年度设计及广告奖-设计年鉴丨卓越奖


This year's Design Annual received a total of 3284 entries and 143 entries were awarded. Among them, 5 projects in the poster category were awarded.



- Award Project -

- 获奖作品 -

- Eileen Chang -

- 张爱铃 -


- Award Trophy-

- 获奖奖杯 -


关于大赛丨About Competition

Communication Arts



Since its establishment in 1959 by Communication Arts, California, USA, the Communication Arts Award has invited outstanding and promising designers and creatives from all over the world to participate. The Communication Art Award will publish all the winning works in a special issue published in November, so as to obtain certification and be selected as the best visual communication works, and sell them all over the world, which can make the contestants' works famous internationally. This competition is also one of the most important annual competitions in the global design community.

美国传达艺术年度设计及广告奖自1959年起由Communication Arts, California, USA创办以来,每届皆邀请世界各地优秀又有潜力的设计师及创意人一同参赛。传达艺术奖将所有得奖作品都会刊登于十一月份出版的专刊内,以此获得认证且被选为最好的视觉传达作品,并销售于全世界,能使参赛者的作品名扬国际。此项竞赛也是全球设计界年度重要比赛之一。


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