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SoFeng Design丨如視设计创始人沙锋海报设计受邀参展2022首届京剧艺术国际海报双年展

SoFeng Design Invited in the 1st Beijing Opera Art International Poster Biennale 2022



The 2022 1st International Poster Biennale of Peking Opera Art received 1,196 works by designers from 34 countries, of which 184 works by Chinese designers were selected for the exhibition.


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- 获奖作品 -


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关于展览丨About Exhibition


Beijing Opera Art International Poster Biennale



Mr. Sebastian Smitt, the Polish curator of the 1st Beijing Opera Art International Poster Biennale, the chairman of the Lublin International Poster Biennale, Ms. Anna Krauss, the curator of the Retroavangarda Art Museum, representatives of participating designers, etc. The invited guests attended the opening ceremony. At the same time, the exhibition attracted nearly a thousand people to visit the exhibition on the opening day, and was highly praised by experts from all walks of life in Poland and the audience. At the same time, Retroavangarda Art Museum also promoted the exhibition through online virtual exhibition halls and social media. It is expected that more than 130,000 global fans will watch the exhibition online simultaneously. "Beijing Opera Art" and "Chinese Posters" have become key words discussed by many audiences after viewing the exhibition.


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