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SoFeng Design丨如視设计荣获2020第11届WOLDA世界标志设计大赛丨金、银、铜

SoFeng Design won the 11th Worldwide Logo Design Award 2020丨Gold, Sliver, Bronze Award


本届WOLDA世界标志设计大赛SoFeng Design共斩获标志和包装类丨金奖,新标志类丨银奖,品牌形象类丨银奖,标志重塑丨铜奖。

SoFeng Design won the Gold Award in the Logo and Packaging Category, the Silver Award in the New Logo Category, the Silver Award in the Identity Category, and the Bronze Award in the Logo Redesign Category.


- Award Trophy -

- 金、银、铜奖奖杯-


- Award Project -

- 获奖作品 -

- Gold Award - Logo and Packaging Category -

- 标志和包装类丨金奖 -


- Sliver Award - New Logo Category -

- 新标志类丨银奖 -

- Sliver Award - Identity Category -

- 品牌形象类丨银奖 -


- Bronze Award - Logo Redesign -

- 标志重塑丨铜奖 -


关于大赛丨About the Competition


Worldwide Logo Design Award


世界标志设计大赛(Worldwide Logo Design Award, WOLDA)始于2006年意大利,是一项全球性的赛事,规格高、影响力大,具有一定的权威性。该比赛每年举办一届,今年已是第11届了。

The Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA) started in Italy in 2006. It is a global competition with high standard, great influence and certain authority. The competition is now in its 11th year and is held annually.


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